Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I Know...

On Father's Day I taught a lesson on Forgiveness to teenage girls ages 16 to 18 in Young Women's.

For years I have been teaching the 3 and 4 year olds, so as you can imagine this was quite a change. O yeah, did I mention this was my first lesson since I got this new "calling" ( that's what we Mormon's call our jobs at church.)

I don't believe in coincidences. This was not easy for me. I have decided that the difficulty was of course several fold. I wrote about my initial struggle here.
I also realized that here I was teaching a lesson about forgiveness almost right after writing for the first time in a very long time about the ongoing process of learning to forgive my father. (That is the post just before this one.)
Finally I didn't want it to be just another lesson on how they "Should" forgive.

Through the Tender Mercies of the Lord, I was able to spend the 3 days before the Sunday lesson on a retreat with all of the Young Women and their leaders getting to know them better and enjoy their individual personalities.

I spent time of course studying the lesson, talking for hours with a friend who is a teacher, talking with my husband who has many more experiences teaching than I do, and petitioning Heavenly Father to help me teach the girls what he wanted them to know. I prayed for the Spirit to help me and to touch and lift their tender hearts.

We had a marvelous and tender experience. One of the young women's father had died two years ago. I felt such a tenderness toward her as it was Father's Day. She shared with us that she had just the day before felt peace and forgiveness for the loss of her father. We as a class discussed whether or not there was a timetable on forgiving. The young woman whose father had died felt sadness for holding on to her anger for so long. I will tell you it was one of the greatest privileges of my life to witness to these young women that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are loving and patient and kind and willing to allow us all of the time we need when we learn to forgive.


  1. forgiveness. something that should be practiced much much more than it is these days...