Saturday, July 18, 2009


Everywhere are people
My Sisters and My Brothers
For, We are ALL
Children of God.

I have found so many,
They Lift, Encourage, Support,
Cry with Me,
Cry with each other,

We are here for each other
on our journey to Thrive.

There is another,
He descended
Below ALL Things.
That way, He would know how,
How to support each and every one of US.
As we journey on this path together
But, ultimately separate from each other.
Never ALONE,
He is always there for us,
He never leaves us.

I know this is TRUE.


  1. Beautiful. I know this is true, too.

  2. Never alone regardless if we feel His presence or not!

  3. I saw your site and read this beautiful poem and enjoyed looking at your photos and other poems before I started my blog and got your comment. Thank you so much. This is a big step for me and I admire your bravery and feel the strength of the support you have here. I am a bit slow with blogger, not sure about adding other's blogs onto my page etc. I'll take it slow.