Monday, July 6, 2009


Once I was a little girl
I was adorable and curious
I loved flowers
I loved kittens
I was, I think, very much like my daughter here

Now I am grown
The little Vicki inside of me
is asking for help
I am grown I can be there for her now.


  1. this is a magnificent statement! yes, ask away... she'll appreciate it.

  2. Hey, Vicki! I hope it's okay that I followed your link back to here from my blog. I was here once before but don't remember if I let you know it.

    I love the little poem you've written, and such a tribute to both of you, about who you are.

    I'll be back!

  3. I never had a Teddy. I just got myself one to appreciate the girl I was. My little girl inside me was crying and for long I thought I am seriouly mentally ill. By now I know better. She needed appreciation. affection. attention. We grew together. I wish you all the very best.