Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out of Town

We are traveling,
seeing the country, enjoying each other
playing with our grandson almost every minute.

The time when my oldest flies from the nest
is approaching so quickly.
I am full of mixed emotions.
I will write about them soon.
but for now I will just say...
in 5 short hours we will drop him off
at the same place that hundreds of thousands of other
parents have left their young men or young women.
We will leave him at the Missionary Training Center
here in Provo, Utah.
Today I feel very proud of my sweet son.

Thank you all for your comments yesterday about my dream. They were so helpful.

I am going to copy to here a fun post about my grandson I did awhile back on my Family Blog. This is in honor of his staying with Popa and me while we are on vacation and his parents had to go back home to work.

Everyone Should Have A Froggy Pool

Isaac Has a Froggy Pool
It sprays water in his face
Aunt Mollie plays with him
Johny wishes he could play in the pool, but will settle for a love tap.
I think froggy pools could maybe solve many problems...


  1. Have a safe trip! I wish your son well on his next chapter of life. Thank you for stopping my blog before you left.

    Aww, your grandson is a cutie! That froggy pool looks fun.


  2. This looks like so much fun. When I'm not so exhausted from the endless hard work I do have times when I enjoy the endless fun with a 2 year old. I responded to your latest comment with a comment on the same blog post. I'm not sure if folks usually do that. I don't mind that you feel jealous of the beach; I'm jealous of the froggy pool :) x