Saturday, July 4, 2009


Last night I told Jared.
I told him that I had begun again to have memories.
I was scared I was shaking I was crying.
But... I told.

He asked if I wanted to talk about them.
I said not now.
He held me.
He said we will get through this.
I know he is right.


  1. telling is scary but full kudos to you for starting and to jared thankyou for being a real man and supporting your amazing wife.

    and to your Q pryers to find a fairdinkum therapist, one that will stick it through and to find the jesus you talk about

  2. this is beautiful. i know that feeling, and haven't talked either because it becomes too hard. it is so hard on my brian. he hurts because I hurt and I can not seem to tell him why. i just can't hear myself say it.

    then one day, my young boy decided he was going to rename his nick name to be BOB....UGGGGGG, that was my abusers name. I heard my little boy always calling himself that. It hurt really bad, I had to talk to him about that being a name I didn't want to hear him call himself.

    How do you explain, without explaining, and without making a child think that all people with that name are bad.

    WOW, that all came out so fast. Thank you for helping me to heal. I love you, my friend. I feel your support across miles...and I am thankful for this. I know this is a creation that God wanted us to use for good...and it is good.

    hugs.[[[and thanks for the time you are spending with me, and for the comments, they fill my inbox, and I know that someone is there with me. ...and cares. Thank you.]]]]

    mile 191

  3. And I bless you for being so kind and supportive to my blogger-friend Mile 191.

    These writings we do here, weave twisted trails to complete God's mosaic

  4. Hi Vicki,

    A therapist told me once sometimes the bravest thing to do is to allow yourself to be scared. You are very brave.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  5. Thank You Kate.
    And for lighting the way ahead.. I thank you again.