Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cute Things Isaac Says and Does

He pushes the test page button on our printer, gets so excited because he has printed something, and wants someone to make him an airplane out of the paper.
One time, I wasn't paying attention, and he printed a test page on all of the paper in the tray.

He knows how to get to my house, is a great back seat driver, and if his parents aren't going to my house but drive near our street he yells Goga, Goga.

He gets so excited to play with his Thomas train that he is calling "Thomas" as soon as he comes through the door.
He also has a Billy, an Elizabeth, and a Rosie, but he will not call her Rosie, because Jared called her "what's her face" when he took them all out of the package. Isaac consistently insists on calling her "Face" no matter how many times grandpa tells him her name is Rosie.

He puts the leash on Johny and leads him around the house for a walk.
That is, if he is not climbing on Johny and riding him like a horse, or laying down on Johny's bed with him.

He loves to put pennies in Granpa's robot bank. He has this funny little quirky thing that he does when he twists each penny before he can deposit it!

He loves to shred paper. He says "schredda" over and over.

He loves to watch Kipper.

He thinks all of our 5 sugar gliders are named "Cal" because one of them is named Calvin.

He is the Joy of his Grandpa and Goga's life.


  1. I love this. It's written by someone so in love with this little guy. He sounds adorable and I'm so glad you have him in your life to bring you the joy you so deserve. Sarah

  2. So sweet. Happy you have him around.

  3. Thank you Colleen, he is so sweet, I can hardly stand it sometimes.