Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Listening is an attitude of the heart,
a genuine desire to be with another
which both attracts and heals.

~J. Isham~

I have been pondering on why blog friendships work.
Why do these friendships feel real? Even though I don't know those of you out there, you know in person, and yet I still know you to be my friends. This came up on my quote of the day widget, Ahhh... Here is the answer.

I love listening to all of you.
I always feel listened to
Here In My World.


  1. I think that blog friendships work because we are being true to ourselves when we post something or reply something. We don't have to act like we are someone we aren't. It is so nice to feel like others do listen to you and support you. I know in the real world, I get ignored quite a bit. Anyways, sorry this was so long. But, I am so happy that I have you as a friend!

  2. We also don't have to live up to any expectations. We know we don't have to comment, we don't have to blog, and we can tell all. I also cherish the fact that some days I can sputter, cry, be confused, and rant - all without losing face.

    I'm so thankful I have blogger friends who know who I am and don't expect me to fake an identity for them.

    Great post (worth the pondering)!

  3. true. And I can share my heart with blog friends. That gives me courage. And from reading their blogs, I see we are all fighting some kind of battle. I am so grateful for each one of them. Thank you Vickie for sharing this.

  4. Can't help but agree. I think the reason blog friendships are so real is because we all connect on deep levels from the start. There's no hiding here and I know I'm so thankful for it.

    Always listening!

  5. Vicky I do agree with all what has been said. You know just recently I had blogged abput it too. The www brought as together in support, healing and joy. HUGS. xxx

  6. hallo my friend. i don't know why they work but they do. so why question something that's working, i just enjoy it....

  7. Hi,

    I love the photo with this post. It fits so well and it makes me feel so much. Hmm, so interesting.

    Good and healing friends to you.


  8. I love that little widget! It just sums things up perfectly.

    Not sure if you watch Wednesdays with Beth Moore, but yesterday, she was teaching on listening skills. She was teaching from the book of Isaiah and was basically stating that if we could just learn to listen to others ourselves through their storms and be their refuge, the impact it would have on us during our own trials would be more appreciated.

    Hope you have a wonderful day my blog friend! :o) ~Rhonda

  9. I would agree with all of the above comments. What I find more interesting, personally, and I assume that it happens to y'all, too, is that some of the blogging friends come into one's non-blogging life. One person I will be visiting the next time I come to her state. Two others have really serious medical issues that I have been able to help with a little bit, including connecting them to some help. I think God has found the blogosphere! ;)

  10. I love the picture. I've forgotten the name of it, I have to look it up (I better start revising and remembering plant names now I'm becoming a 'plants woman'. I planed one a few months ago and it has shot up and is doing really well. The slugs and snails haven't eaten it!!! I can't wait for it to go bright red in autumn.

    I think the comment 'God has found the blogosphere' is so funny. This is the promised land...

  11. A hug to start your day off with. I am glad to get to know you. More hugs across the pond

  12. What a sweet post .. thank you for those words.

  13. Oh, thank you for posting this. There is a lot that I can reveal to blog friends that others would not understand or would mock. It's such a comfort to see my feelings in words of others. Certain feelings and healing seem to be a common thread for these friendships to bind to.

  14. This is a wonderful post for me to see this morning. Thank you Vicky! You are truly appreciated!

    Blessings and (((Vicky))))♥

  15. Because often blog friends can connect on the same level when some of your closest other friends cannot. Blog friends usually can relate to things you've been through where other friendships are formed for different reasons.