Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Devotional

The internet truly is an amazing gift.
It allows me to connect with a community of fellow bloggers
all of whom I have grown to care for.

I have decided to try something new.
I am a church going gal. I know that we don't all go to church,
I know and understand many whose touching posts
have had their hearts broken at church for what ever reason.
My heart aches for them as my heart has ached when I have had my very own trials of faith. I know that there are some who I read and cherish their words, who's worship is different than my own. I have found nothing but respect here in My Little World for our differences. I like this so very much.

I know that members of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or more commonly known as "Mormons", are well known for our efforts to proselyte. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a son on a Mission in Tennessee right now doing that very thing.

That is not my purpose here.
I am just a woman, a woman who talks about the things which are important to her, gets excited to share thoughts and feelings with people she cares about, and hopes with all her heart to just be honest and as our good bloggy friend puts it,

So this is longer than I wanted so I think I'll go put my video at the beginning in case you just get bored and didn't read all of this, because the video was really the point!! I know that God, whoever or whatever that is for you is there, watching over us, caring for us, cherishing us, and most importantly caring about our pain and struggles... even when we don't believe it, feel it, want it, or know it.


  1. Thanks for sharing the devotional was very encouraging. I am not a churchgoer...I have probably spent a whole year of my life going to a church and I too respect the differences in how others worship. I really enjoy coming here, and all the other blogs I visit. :)

  2. Jamey,
    I am so happy that you found it encouraging.
    I enjoy our friendship very much.

  3. Ms Hen,
    Thank you, I think you probably know how much that means to me. You are an inspiration to me and to believe that you know how much I respect all of our differences means the world to me!

  4. You're a mormon?! OMG! Just kidding. I love that you have your faith and that it is a huge support for you. As kids we used to make fun of 'mormons' not really knowing anything about the religion. It's not something you get here in the UK much. One of my best friends is an Evangelical Christian. I think it's amazing of you to have your beliefs but also to be accepting of other's. I was raised Catholic. Now I'm no particular religion but I've never been more religious :)

  5. Hi Vicky, didnt know you are Mormon. Admittingly I do not know a lot about mormon but this is a very good reason to get going a read about your faith. Video is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Thinking of you. Hugs across the pond.

  6. Speck of Dust,
    I know, who knew!!
    That's so funny that you made fun of "Mormon's" and now you are are my good bloggy friend, stuck with one, Ironic!!
    Good to hear from you.

  7. Paula,
    Glad you found the video inspiring, love to be thought of, and Thanks so much for the sweet Hug!
    Your hugs reach a long way girl!!
    Hope you like your new place!