Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Thinking about what I wish for...

Thinking about where I want to go...

What about you, what are you wishing for and where is it that you are wanting to go?

Growth means change and change involves risk,
stepping from the known to the unknown.
~George Shinn~

Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.
~Abraham Lincoln~


  1. Wisdom and inspirational thot from Shinn and Lincoln. Any positive growth will only lead to better changes ;)


  2. I want to not be overwhelmed by me emotions. If they are coming from incidents in the past I want to put those incidents away where they belong in the past. I want to be mature and stable for my son.

  3. Funny you would ask...

    There were two young missionaries in my home last night. They asked me that question: What do you pray for?

    I pray for (wish for) to get through the day. No bigger than that. That's all I can handle.

  4. Hi Vicky, ummm, you got me thinking (as if I ever would have stopped doing so lately ;-), for now I just want to go through the day and reach some serenity again. Hope you are doing ok. Hugs across the pond.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm all better.

    I LOVE LOVE the quote.. Glad I had time to read blogs this morning. It is like a gift to hear such good things from others that had horrific childhoods and now finding peace and serenity and recovery.

    All my best to you always..

  6. this blog is so special. There is a calm here, a gentle spirit. A peacefulness. Sarah

  7. In answer to your two questions:

    (1) I wish to be a conduit for God's love and an additional pair of His hands on earth.

    (2)I don't particularly want to go anywhere. I go many places, and wherever I go, there I am (as Milne would say). I find that to be far more interesting and rewarding than planning where to go.