Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Devotional

CHAPTER 30:21-22

And though the Lord give you
The bread of adversity,
And the water of affliction,
Yet shall not thy teachers
Be removed into a corner
Any more.

But thine eyes shall see
Thy teachers:
And thine ears shall hear
A word behind thee,
This is the way,
Walk ye in it,
When ye turn to the right hand,
And when ye turn to the left.

As I have mentioned recently ( ok so I haven't said much "recently") but... anyway. When I began to quit denying that my abuse had affected my life in a big way and that I had a great amount of conflict with God over the fact that he had ALLOWED it to happen or at least didn't stop it from happening, I began to see gifts around me. The Tender Mercies of the Lord placed in my life which had brought me through which had kept me alive. Gifts which needed to be recognized so that a way would be opened up for me to recognize more gifts. Sort of like turning on the light so I could see better truth that was there which I couldn't see in the dark.

These scriptures from Isaiah are some of my greatest gifts I received at the very beginning. I will share more soon. But, for now I wanted to get this posted and share this thought with all of you and thank you for your support and kindness.

Have a beautiful day my friends.


  1. Hi Vickie, these verses are great.I love the book of Issiah - I'm glad you aren't denying what happened anymore. It took me a long time to admit too. Why is it we pretend and take it out on ourselves. Tons of blessings to you. Sarah

  2. It is natural to go through that anger at God .. the Universe.. whichever way you describe your Higher Power.

    I don't know why Bad Things Happen to Good People.. but they do..; and we grow stronger through it .. somehow.. it builds our character..

    I don't have any anger against my HP ... but I did..

    Very natural to do so.. part of the grieving process; and we all had to do the grieving;. it is like a DEATH to finally admit the truth...

  3. "A word behind thee saying, That is the way, walk ye in it". Uplifting. I think I am finding my way. Suppression of events that happened to me prevented me from dealing with them until recently. I'm so thankful that I have been led in the right direction. God bless you dear. Thanks for posting.

  4. So happy to see you are home again. How was your time away? Missed you. Good and healing thoughts to you.


  5. My friends keep telling me that I am too often shaking my fist at God and blaming Him. My T tells me that every session. And I cannot deny it. I blame him, why did He allow it to happen, why didn't he stop it. But the biggest, now that I'm all grown, is "why did You wait so long to send me help? I'm beyond it, it's too difficult now. I don't know how to heal".

    I'm so glad that you have found a way past this. I try to see what's around me but He's not stopped taking things from me yet. My life has not yet stopped being bad. I'm still just surviving.

  6. And then the light becomes lighter and brighter and I never expected it to grow and engulfe me. Love to you.

  7. hiya! what beautiful verses. thanks for popping up with a 'hi', was wondering where you've been...

  8. Vicki, thank you for sharing from Isiah. Wonderful. Blessings to you dear one.

  9. It is amazing what you can see now that you did not before. Thank you for sharing! Take care! <3

  10. Beautiful words Vicki. Inspirational as always. Isn't it amazing that we can love and be loved!

  11. Something that I found out a few years ago when I was in the middle of my own anger at God is that it is ok to be angry at God. His shoulders are big enough to handle any burden that I throw at Him. He has enough love in His heart to carry any load that I bring to Him.

    This is my belief only. In the Bible, it says we have free will. If God really gave us free will then He can't step in and stop us from doing whatever it is that we will do because if He did, it wouldn't be free will. The same thing goes for bad people who do bad things. I do believe that sometimes God's heart hurts when He sees the bad things that human do to themselves and other humans. I don't mean to preach. When someone told me this, it helped me. I hope it helps you too.

  12. Hello darling,just thinking about you and now I'm enjoying your lovely post on Isaiah. I have a soft spot for so many of his teachings, thank you for reminding me of these passages. :) much luv to you, trina