Monday, December 7, 2009


Along the way you bump into people who make a dent on your life.

Some people get struck by lightning.

Some are born to sit by a river.

Some have an ear for music.

Some are artists.

Some swim the English Channel.

Some know buttons.

Some know Shakespeare.

Some are mothers.

And some people can dance."
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Blogging makes a very powerful and pleasant dent in my life. I miss it tremendously when I am not here. I miss reading about all of your lives. I miss laughing so hard sometimes I have to go change my undies because of something one of you said. I miss uncontrollable tears streaming down my cheeks because I am moved by one of your heartaches or unfulfilled dreams. I miss words that express ideas and feelings so powerful that I have to call my husband on the phone or drag him in from another room so that I can share them with him. I miss the joy I feel by letting you know I stepped into your life that day by leaving a comment. I miss learning from all of you that I can safely spill my thoughts when I am ready because you did it!

I will try to express here in my simple way how much your kind comments have meant to me while I have been away. I do have words to share about what has been going on for me. But.. this is about THANK YOU. I am grateful for you all. Grateful and overwhelmed by your generous comments and hearts. I have Missed you. I have not been lurking I have just been absent. I declare a firm "Present" as I have now come back. Back to write and Back to read!!


  1. I hope your health is much better. Missed you lots and lots. This is an incredible post. Good and healing thoughts to you.


  2. Wow.. I just watched that movie a couple of nights ago. Was highly impressed with it and I'm not a big fan of Brad Pitt. He was terrific in it. And I love that quote too. Funny how you put it on your blog. :)

    I've been praying for you. I hoe all is going better with you. I see you have the Prayer of Saint Francis as a song???? I did not know it was a song.. I read it daily now. The book I read broke it down to last month. Amazing words.

    Hugs to you............. I do hope you are healing.. sometimes it good to be Quiet .. for a bit as you evolve. I have done that.. or just renamed my blog; or deleted all old posts.. and start FRESH. hugs.

  3. Glad to see you are back, I was wondering if you are okay...

  4. Vicki, how I have missed you! I had taken a bit of break from blogging and I have thought about you numerous times. I hope that things are going well and I can't wait to start reading more of your posts. You are definitely an inspiration!

  5. i missed you too hunny bun! glad to see you back.

  6. Glad u are back. Love from Munich

  7. All those wonderful ups and downs of life are what I miss about you when you are not here. I'm so glad you're back. Your wonderful, warm heart just warms the Internet, Vicki. I appreciate you.

  8. Dear Each and all of you!!
    Thank you sooo much for welcoming me back. I have missed each of you very much.
    Blessing to all of you.

  9. Missed you Vicki and glad to see you back!

  10. Good to see you again Vicki!!! I'm grinnin ear to ear :)

  11. You are a bright shining star in my sky. Welcome back.