Monday, January 11, 2010

I Could..

I could write about the insomnia I have been struggling with.

I could write about how not on top of things (you know Life!) I am not since the Holidays and how I am not letting that get to me because I am still in awe of how well I survived and indeed THRIVED though them.
But, I would want to edit and sort that all out before I put it here so I will just say.. Hanging in there, and thanking the good Lord for every good gift of Grace!

I could write about our totaled car the week of Christmas and how I secretly am loving the excuse to NOT go anywhere.

I could write about the house fire we had last Friday and how I was just minutes from having to call the Fire Dept. How grateful I AM. How I haven't even cleaned up the mess in the back yard of all the burning things I got out of here. Before tomorrow ;) it is garbage day on Tuesday.
I will say I have gotten a whole lot of mileage out of being the "Fire Marshall" from my sweetie and enjoyed special treatment from him. Wonder how long I can milk this for?

I could write about all of the great food I have been cooking, hey it would at least be writing something..

I just am still struggling for words and marvel that anyone still visits!! Thank you all soooo much. I am coming back to LIFE I just know it.

I will write that yesterday I spent two hours "taking a nap" with Isaac. Pure Bliss. Really we watched Little Bear for most of the time, I have to say that little vicki loves to watch shows with Isaac.
My feet were under the covers and Isaac was down by my feet watching and I moved them and he said, "stop" which of course let a silly game where my feet talked to him and he giggled uproariously.
Finally he turned to me, climbed up to my face buried his face next to mine and sighed, "OH Goga."
When I am down, when I am discouraged and afraid of the future. I remember that 3 short years ago before Isaac was born to his 16 year old parents, I didn't know how anything would ever work itself out or be wonderful again?
Things work out, Things always work out.
One way or another they do work out.
That is Hope.
This is GRACE.


  1. Isaac is a blessing.. all babies are... and things do work out... lucky you.

    I'm so sorry about the fire; insomnia and all.

    You sound good.. healthier... living in the REALNESS now. :)

    You have so much to be grateful for each day..

    You are thriving.. :)


  2. Oh goodness, what a string of events. That time with Isaac sounds like such joy! Thank you for posting! This was such a reminder that even what seems bad works out. I really needed that reminder now.

    Take care! Sending you and Isaac many hugs! <3

  3. there's always a light. glad you found yours!

  4. Hi Vicki,

    What a wild couple of last year was like that. I too know grace, hope and faith. I'm glad that you have a sense of humor about it.

    Blessings, CC

  5. I have learned to look for the blessings from my so-called disasters. I find myself saying "Thank You, God." for situations that could have been much, much worse. Thanks for letting us know that you are thriving as well as surviving. God truly does give us blessings to help us remember to celebrate life.

  6. Well don't be amazed that people still read you! Look... you just got a new reader! Me :-) Thank you for visiting my page. Its always nice to meet new people and if you are a friend of Marj then your ok in my book! :-)

  7. Oh I love Little Bear! I used to watch it with my grandson.

    Well you've certainly had much to contend with lately, but grace does have a way of bringing beauty out of ashes.

    I'm glad you're hanging in there. And of course we are still reading your blog--look how your humor shines through even when it's one thing after another that plagues you! Your hanging in there is hope inspiring for the rest of us.


  8. Oh sweety, sounds like you have had quite a few emotional events added to your plate. You are so strong and your words of encouragement have helped me so much during my journey of healing.

    Isaac is so precious! You are so blessed to have such a beautiful child to embrace and love. Hang in there my sweet friend!

    Hugs!! :o)

  9. Thank you for this post. I needed some peace in my life, tonight. So many things happening, so many things you feel you "should" be doing.... story of my life. I'm glad you had time for peaceful sleep with a loved child.
    It's been way too long since I've had that.

  10. Wow. What you have been through. But you are right - there is always hope. There is always grace. Always.

  11. Thank you i need to read this. Hope is something I have too but now and again it leaves me. Keep on keeping on.

  12. that is beautiful, vicki. i'm so glad that despite life's troubles that you are able to find moments of joy and peace.

    and i love little bear :) i watch it with my daughter and i love how peaceful and quiet it is. i love the music and the style of the drawing. something so nice about it...i'm glad you have a positive experience from it for yourself and little vicki.

  13. Things do work out, and that's very good to remember! Little kids are such good medicine, aren't they?

  14. Wow, Vicki! You've had a LOT going on. I'm glad you are all safe with these close calls--fires and car accidents--oh my! And I'm glad you're coming back to life. AND I'm glad you get to watch Little Bear with your grandson. That used to be my favorite show to watch with my son when he was little. There's just something so gentle and comforting about it.

    I'm coming back to life, too. All that I have left from this 3-week virus is a wittle code in my noze. (Yes, my voice still sounds nasally, but I'm SO much better than I was.)

  15. I love the optimism in your post. (((Hugs))) on all the challenges! Your resilience snd strength and grace shows through every line of your post.