Friday, April 23, 2010

Body Memories

I had a new insight this week about body memories. 

 My body memories are painful.  I have pain and with it will come the thought "this is a body memory."  My first reaction to that thought is a simple, I wonder why this is a body memory?  That reaction will be quickly followed by a very sarcastic part of me which responds with a "you are so dumb Not every pain is a body memory."
 I shall make it LOUD and CLEAR to that negative voice inside of me,
I know that every pain is not a body memory.  No matter how hard this negative voice tries to desuade me I will trust my insticts which desire for my body and soul to heal.


And in the new life of Living my Questions I will continue to trust that calm true voice until I Live my WAY into the answers.


  1. Amen. Trust your self. Encourage yourself. Hugs.

  2. DEF always try and trust yourself. I am, though, very thankful for the skeptic part in me. For me, being skeptical kept me from embracing the lies from my abusers. Doesn't mean she is right everytime, of course, haha. but i can say today i am thankful i can respect her.

    Thank you for this post. I want to send it to a friend; seems to be right where she is right now.

    love ya.


    feel your conviction to yourself and your inner voice. Such strength will serve youwell as you continue along your faith and healing journey.

    Love Gail

  4. Hi Vicki, its nice to meet you and look forward to getting to know you. I love your firm tone here and deep conviction to yourself. Wow...can feel it resonate inside myself too as Im reading and connecting with the essence of your message, thankyou! Liana.

  5. A million hugs.. you sound like you are really taking better care of yourself and growing. (hugs)

  6. Love you all thank you so much for your support.

    You all mean so much to me.

  7. I know that your inner knowing is very good. It is okay to trust it. Though our inner critics not so trustworthy or accurate. Good and healing thoughts to you.


  8. All your friends are right, keep that strong innner voice overcome the negative. peace and hugs

  9. reading this reminds me of what I heard a long time ago...when we don't scream our bodies will. Stay well ok. and strong. Sarah

  10. Thanks for this insightful post about trusting your body's desire to heal. I've been dealing with a lot of body pain myself lately. This was good for me to read. Thanks for sharing. I think of you often and am always sending ((((((((Vicki)))))))) safe hugs and love your way.