Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not Stuck!

Wow!  It felt so good to get that out yesterday.  All of the comments I recieved were so helpful really.  I am going to slowly incorporate lots of these strategies and see where I go.  I really enjoyed the website I am sure many of the ideas and systems there will help me.  I loved that she said don't get overwhelmed just start where you are.

I really had too much going on yesterday inside so of course what a perfect opportunity for this all to have become the overwhelming factor in my day.  I wrote that out and then I was able to journal for a long time about the flashbacks and body memories I have been dealing with.  I worked on those and then I rested and meditated.  Which was what the more important thing to do yesterday rather than dig into piles and boxes that can wait.

I decided I am going to take a picture of a problem area before and then after and post them to celebrate.  That is to come, but for today I thanked God for the support I have in so many ways and spent my day playing with my grandson... and my craptastic crap is still waiting for me and I survived it and it was a good day.


  1. HI's been awhile but wanted to pop by and offer you support...Stay strong deserve the best of the best....

  2. Vicki,
    I am so glad you are doing better! You're amazing. Stay strong. I know you can do it. Thanks for keeping us updated.


  3. Oh fly lady is great! I love her baby steps! Sometimes I get overwhelmed or too busy and lose my place and then I give up. But I just dust myself off and try again.

    Yup, one must care for yourself in various ways. Cleaning and organizing is good but sometimes one must think and write.

    Take care! *hugs* <3

  4. Hi Vickie, been meaning to pop by, lost your url! Found it and following you so I won't loose it!

    I have heard about Fly Lady, never really looked into it, being a single gal and all, but will look into it based on your opinion.

    Glad I found your url and can follow you now. Been sick so haven't really been blogging much the last week or so. Take care. Meow meow.

  5. Hi Vicki,

    Great. Good for you. Good and healing thoughts and spaces to you.


  6. Hi Vicki,

    Thanks for all your lovely comments to my new blog. It's funny how you said we had similarities, and then I read here you have been introduced to flylady! I'm a big fan, although, I struggle with this department. The best thing is she doesn't beat you up... she just keeps encouraging us to do 15 minutes!!! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.