Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Excuses

This post is not about excuses for such a long absence.  This post is about me living my life, being in the moment, taking one thing at a time and enjoying as much of spring as I can here where I live in the desert.  I have missed reading my blog friends and knowing what is going on in all of your lives, or at least the parts you  write about ;).  

I have done some decluttering, but mostly I have been remembering to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me right now, not just longing for a day in the future when I have accomplished future goals.

My family has kept me busy lately, I think it is good this way as long as I remember that I have needs too and take time for them.  Temperatures are climbing and threatening to soar into the 100's soon here in sunny AZ, but last week we had two glorious days of lovely cooler weather and I spent as much of my time as I could when the teenagers were at school outside on my swing reading and just simply soaking up the last of our springish weather.

Have a glorious day and I will be by to comment and let you know I am thinking of you all, dear blog buddies!

"This strong, silent place interrupts confusion, rage, and depression, and just now I feel more at home with the landscape than with people."
~ Joan Anderson


  1. Its nice to see you back Vicki, and that things are going well for you. Have a great week!

  2. I missed you today....especially when I needed an advocate for Ethan ;-) Glad to see you are enjoying the weather.....I am afraid it is over for the next 4 months. It certainly was beautiful though!

  3. Hi Vicki,

    Glad to see you back! Enjoy those pre-100-degree days! They can't last long!

  4. ahhh, friend. i am happy you have been LIVING. happiness for you, taking a break is good. i do hope you have peace, happiness, healing, always.



  5. Good for you..

    i took my comment section off for the spring/summer.. since I'm blogging inconsistently; and reading other blogs inconsistently due to the warmer weather..

    Like that POEM.. there is time/season for everything.. differently for all of course..

    Glad to have read your post.. hugs.. you sound great..

  6. Vicki, I got your comment and I realized that I mistyped! You have until the 19th to get your submission in, so you aren't late at all! Sorry about the confusion, I had a fundraiser on the 15th and I must have been thinking about that when I typed up the carnival post. Whew!

  7. Welcome back Vicki! I hope the cooler weather lasts for you! Take care! *hugs* <3

  8. I miss you. We need to figure out a way to spend more times around each other. You have such a sweet spirit, I love being around you.