Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Randomness and then Some Tunes

I am wanting to write so I am just going to start and see where this goes.

Here are some things about my life.

This is what Sunday looks like at  my house.
 Isaac licking the mixing bowl.  Check out the magnifying glass he has there while he eats his waffle.  ♥

Today was the last day of SCHOOL for the year.  Yeah for summer!  Yeah for Mollie and Christian.

My sweetheart gave me a swing for Mother's Day.  I spend as much time as I can out there in my SECRET GARDEN.  I even blog out there.  ♥

This is my beautiful sister and my niece.  They entered a look a like mom and daughter contest!

This is a common sight in my home, cats in baskets.  ♥
Cow sorts the socks.

Lily naps in the mail basket.

Now here are some tunes I listen to.  How to play along.  Set your ipod on shuffle and record the first 10 songs, then leave a comment about your random tunes and I will come check it out.  It can be fun to see what others are listening to.  :)

1.  Bach:  Brandenberg Concerto #2 in F
2.  Oveture to the musical "Secret Garden"
3.  A Fine Frenzy:  The Minnow & The Trout
4.  Miss Saigon , London Cast Recording:  Sun and Moon
5.  Eva Cassidy:  Songbird
6.  Randy Kartchner:  Peace
7.  The Secret Garden, Original Broadway Cast:  Wick
8.  Clarinet Concerto No. In F-Minor Op. 73
9.  Bach:  Prelude, from Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major
10. Rob Gardner:  Saints and Pioneers, We Must Sing

Mommy's Idea


  1. I love the peek into your world. You have a beautiful family.....and that garden is so lovely! I would blog there too if I could!

  2. Aww, thanks for sharing pics of your family and life! You have very soothing music on your iPod.

    Take care! *hugs* <3

  3. Love the garden swing! What a nice gift!

  4. That's quite an eclectic music list there--just like mine! :)

    Your yard looks like heaven :)

    No need for magnifying waffles, hey? He appears to see everything JUST fine, haha.

    I enjoyed a glimpse into your beautiful, happy life :) Have a great weekend, and thanks for joining in!

  5. how lovely! Your world seems full of peace and love. And I love your garden spot. So tranquil :) thanks for sharing beauty from your life!

    My iPod shuffle list:

    send me no flowers - Nellie mckay
    black Jack baby - Elizabeth Mitchell
    if I ever had a dream - Nellie again :)
    autumn in new York - Harry connick jr
    x&y - coldplay
    hard time with goodbyes - Carie Curtis
    little sack of sugar - em again :)
    smile - Laurie berkner
    sylvie - em again
    life & soul - the Sundays

    thanks for the idea, that was fun! In case you don't know some of those musicians, my music taste is mostly folky mellow peaceful music. Stuff that is pleasant cheerful and fun to sing to my daughter. Hugs to you, Vicki! Hope you have a great day!!

  6. Great post...enjoyed a peek into your world!

  7. Yes, Great Post! I didn't see the magnifying glass of Isaac's at first, but love it! Your sis and niece should win the contest. I had to scroll up again and study their picture to decide who was who, because at first I thot they were sisters!

  8. I love the look of your blog! The pictures are really good too! I am visiting from FF over at Mrs.4444's. I hope when you have a chance you will stop over and spend some time with me!
    Have a safe holiday!

  9. I love love love love this post... !!!

    Wow.. Your sister does look like her

    The swing looks totally cozy..

    Your grandchild is adorable.. lucky you..!!!

    Hope it is peaceful with school out.. !!! :) :) Your children are beautiful.

    Girlfriend you have a lot of wonderful things in your life..

  10. Love the pictures. Love the garden swing!

  11. Love the magnifying glass in hand while eating. That gives me an idea :)

    Momma and daughter, they do look a lot alike! I hope they win.

    Kristin the Goat

  12. Thanks for sharing about your life. I love the swing. Your sister and niece do really look like. They are both beautiful, too. I wish my dog would sort the socks. :)

    Tammy (also known as Finally Free)

  13. love the pics and your sister and niece do look so much alike... more like sisters than mom and dgt.

  14. Oh, I love your secret garden and the new swing. Now I know what I want for Mom's day next year!!! I hope you enjoy your special spot.

  15. You have such cute cats and a beautiful family :)

    My i-pod list

    Victoria Hart - whatever happened to romance
    Starlight Orchestra - Bella's Lullaby (twilight)
    Jason Wade - You belong to me (my current favourite song)
    Westlife - flying without wings
    Elton John - Can you feel the love tonight? (lion king)
    Kelly Clarkson - Save you
    Hanson - Penny & me
    Stray Cats - The stray cat strut
    Michael buble - Crazy Love
    3 doors down - let me be myself

    My music is totally random =D I think you can find most if not all of that on's how i listened to yours