Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Fourth of July

On Saturday we went downtown to Main Street for our festivities.

We played games, enjoyed each other, ate treats, and of course
watched fireworks!

Here are Isaac and Naomi.  They are pretty much the only ones who have the patience for all of my picture taking.  I commit to ignoring more Mom picture taking protests!
I commit to taking more shots without intruding, so that I can get some pictures without purposely goofy looks.
I commit to ignoring all the testosterone loaded protests, 
I could just kick myself 16 times for not taking several of these.
Blurry is not good. 

Old cars are the bomb!

Isaac and Christian don't mind posing for me.

My soldiers, (Naomi took this picture.)

Bonus shot:
I really liked this rental power sign.  These generators were everywhere.
Yeah for MESA!
That was a Party.



    great pictures of a great day with your family. :-)

    Love Gail
    peace and hope.....

  2. Looks like you had a great time....Love the pics of the family, we miss seeing Isaac since we have been gone or stuck indoors most of the summer. Hope you have a great time with Molly this weekend and hopefully we will see you again soon!

  3. Great pix. Love your blog look.