Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Devotional: Our Stories

Our Stories, make us who we are.  The real, beautiful, flawed, ever changing beings of flesh and blood who live and breath and thrive for one more day.

I think one of the reasons blog friends can be so real is our ability to be open and honest with our stories.  We feel less alone, stronger, sometimes if we allow it... even loved.

Emma Lou Thayne, author and poet shares her feelings about our stories.
"...our stories are what make the difference,
and if we can tell them honestly
we can hope to help each other.
In the end, we have nothing to offer
each other but our stories. "

I love my blog for the reason of having a place to share my story, my struggle, and my heart.  Sometimes I think I love it even more because I love sharing in others' stories.  I take great courage in every story I read here in blog land.  There are so many HEROS  out there.  

We can make it through, one day, one hour, one story at a time.
I know the struggle is worth it, I know it with every part of who I AM!


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  1. Beautiful..........!!

    I love my blog; because I can get it all out; and not call a girlfriend and complain...LOL..

    I can take phone calls and share happy things.. and truly be happy.

    Blogging gets it out; and really OUT.. because I have the tools now to know that there will always be Conflicts; but there are spiritual solutions; and so many problems are self-made; just my ego getting hurt.. etc.

    I love al-anon says don't take things personal. When someone does something I don't get hurt; I just say that is how that person is; he is not doing it specifically to me. lol I'm truly happy.. as Jesus stated.. if someone slaps YOU in the cheek ...give them the other cheek to slap.. (something like