Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Devotional

When life is hard
Things seem very difficult
I struggle to find the positive...
 Well, there are stories of courage I turn to
Stories that remind me that 
One step at a time is good enough
I AM Enough.

I heard this last Sunday and I absolutely believe it,
"You are loved because you are Precious,
not for anything you have done."

Here is Stephanie Nielson's courageous story
which Always reminds me to keep on keeping on.

This week when I was flat in bed I listened to a conversation 
with Stephanie which was on the radio.  It is more in depth and lets you get to know her better.  Here is the link to this.

Have a wonderful Sabbath day my friends.
You are loved because you are Precious. 


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  2. I've watched her on several documentaries. Everyone one of them a wonderful inspiration! (sorry about the previous mistake!)